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We at Mist believe that we have the ultimate water filters. We believe in providing the highest quality filtration with an excellent value. You won't break the bank while knowing that the purest water goes straight into your body.




Steven Williams
I was tired if paying for those overpriced Samsung filters, so I wanted to try a cheaper alternative, but I also wanted to be sure that it filtrated similar to the OEM. When I bought this filter I also purchased a PPM meter to verify how this lower cost alternative did when compared to the Samsung. Though I didn't get chance to test a new Samsung filter, but my 6 month old Samsung filter was showing a PPM reading of about 47. My tap water had a baseline test of about 55 PPM, so it's pretty clean where I live. So I put in my Mist filter. Before running a gallon of water through it to clean it, the readings were high, about in the 80s. I already expected this since all filters needs water to run through it to flush it out. After about 1 gallon of water, the PPM readings dropped to about 52-55. This was close to my original tap water readings. At this point I was not impressed and was worried it was not filtering much at all since this reads close to my tap water out of the sink. So I gave it a week of use before I came to a conclusion. After a week of use, test showed a PPM of about 45! Good enough for me. As long as it filters something and it's close to the Samsung filters, this a great buy!
This is the second filter we have purchased and it works fine. You will need to run a gallon or so of water through it to clear out the activated charcoal residue. It is an excellent filter.
I love it. a 1/4 the price of one from Home Depot for my fridge and it works perfect.
Easy to install and water tastes great!